Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

In a recent conversation with a colleague, we shared some ideas on how to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few ways to differentiate yourself from everyone and become super customer service oriented as a by-product!

Differentiators once you set the appointment:

  1. Ask the secretary/assistant what their favorite breakfast spot is or where they get their coffee.
    • Get a gift card to that location
    • Bring them coffee/drink when you come in for the meeting
    • Send a hand written thank you card as soon as you set the appointment
      • Thank them for the opportunity and their time

Differentiators once you make the sale:

  1. Thank you for your business gift basket or bottle of wine
    • Include a thank you note and business card with each gift
    • Deliver in person when possible
    • Personalize gift when applicable or include things that require time with you (i.e. lunch, golfing, etc…)
  2. Have 1 luxury item that you give each one of your new ‘platinum’ customers
    • For example if a company starts a 401k with you that could make you $10K plus perhaps you give them a Mont Blanc pen (high net worth client gift)

Differentiators to keep your clients:

  1. Annual or bi-annual thank you gifts or business reminders
    • I receive a Titans magnet football schedule from my realtor every August
    • Annual Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Years card (since most people send Christmas cards send a Thanksgiving or New Years card so that you stick out more)
  2. Business anniversary gifts
    • Send bottle of wine/champagne thanking them for another year of their business

Additional, periodic, service mailers are another added bonus. Specific marketing pieces going out to clients and prospects is just another great way to let them know what additional services that you can provide for them as a client. It’s all about being service oriented. Hit up your current clients to offer/remind them and send it out to current and past prospects as an added benefit! Make sure your personal information is on that flyer.

Keep the creative juices flowing!

In the Spirit of Success,

Amanda Johns
Corporate Partner and Program Director


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