What Season Are You?

Knowing what colors you look best in is an important part of dressing for success. Your best colors can make you look younger, thinner, and more energetic. The wrong colors can make you look older, heavier, and even sickly. 

A skin-tone color analysis will identify your color category, or season. The categories are named after the seasons:

  • Winter colors are cool, clear, and dark to light.
  • Summer colors are cool, muted, and medium-light to medium-dark.
  • Autumn colors are warm, muted, and medium light to medium-dark.
  • Spring colors are warm, clear, bright and medium to light.

Click Here for female celebrity examples of each season or Click Here for male celebrity examples.

You can have your color assessed by an Image Consultant, or you can take one of the many online quizzes to get a basic understanding of your season.

 Resources for Men
Ask Andy about Clothes

Color for Men

Resources for Women
Style Makeover HQ

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

In the Spirit of Success,

Amanda Johns
Corporate Partner and Program Director


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