9-Step Follow-up Touch System

This client touch system consists of 9 different touches. Touches 1 through 4 are separated by 2 weeks between touches and then touches 5 through 9 each have a month between.

 1st Touch – Send a Hand-written Thank You Card

This should be 3 or 4 sentences following this pattern:

  • Your excitement to be working with them
  • Value in your services that you provide
  • Future statement that gives them the big picture of working with you for life
  • Compliment their decision for working with you

 2nd Touch – Email Consisting of Third Party Stories of satisfied clients with quotes and names and joyful experiences working with you.

 3rd Touch – Send them a monthly newsletter that provides value to them and their decision to be working with you.

 4th Touch – Email explaining the Monthly newsletter and why it’s important.

 5th Touch – Using this 4-step process to build 3-dimensional names and also gain some referrals after they have seen how great you are:

  • Call them just to check in as a courtesy call and see what they thought of your service or product. Specifically, what they thought of your professionalism and how you helped them with your services/products. (remember you may have to dig a little here so that you can get a good fully explained story for your use).
  • Remind/Restate that you are there for them if they need anything and really make them feel good about working with a professional like yourself that really cares about them if issues come up.
  • Make sure they have your number/email address always handy in case they have any questions. Get them to write it in their address book, install it into their cell phone, write it on the fridge, etc. Where ever they keep their names and numbers you need to be there.
  • Then immediately when they are in front of their “circle of influence” names and numbers – ask them if there is anyone else that you should be speaking to that they know that would love to experience this tip top level of service you provide?

 6th Touch – Update email reminding them of their plan or their coverage or the advantages of their product and really just recapping everything you have done for them up till this point. Just a friendly reminder email restating everything.

 7th Touch – This is a physical “Gift” touch that gift needs to come with a “cheese ball” or humorous statement card or tag that connects you and them and why you are so good for them. Be funny and creative. 🙂

 8th Touch – Your Stats or your “good to know” email with some pertinent facts and figures for them.

 9th Touch – Mail a Pre-Printed Thank you card with a little blurb about how you appreciate their business and also a picture of you inside.

In the Spirit of Success,

Amanda Johns
Corporate Partner and Program Director


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