Rule of 3 :: How to Avoid Appointment Cancellations

Remember to use the “Rule of 3” when setting up these appointments (with everyone) because there is nothing worse than having people move the day of when you could of easily put someone else in their slot. The foundation/principle we talked about is to always list the names of people that you are meeting around when this person would like to set their appointment. Once you figure out a day that works read off all that you are doing that day with names to build massive “non-cancellation” credibility in their minds.

  1. Tell them you are scheduling people from now until Christmas Eve and that you are filling up really quick so they are going to need to be flexible. Then once you figure out a date and time reiterate that you appreciate working with them and also that if they miss this appointment you might not be able to meet with them for another 2 or 3 weeks after. Then say, “So can I count on you on ‘Date and Time’?” Awesome!
  2. Then tell them that that you will be calling them on their “scheduled appointment day” before you leave the office so that you know they are going to be home. Then have them write down the call time and also the appointment on their fridge so they don’t forget. Then again ask, “So can you for sure be home on ‘Date and Time’ for me?” Great!
  3. Restate the Date and Time of your appointment, get personal with them and tell them sincerely the things you like about working with them/everyone and then give them a statement of confirmation and appreciation of how you really like the fact that when they set an appointment with you that they never move it or miss it…Say that to everyone so you can create that clearing for them to live right into. Finish the call with, “OK I can’t wait to see you on this ‘Date and Time’. Have an awesome day!”

Follow these simple steps and I know you will see your cancellations decrease!




  1. About 5 years ago I had an over 40% cancellation rate. Through using these 3 steps AJ helped me take my cancellation rate to a little over 10% the next year! It works! Thanks AJ!

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