14 Steps to PERFECT Prospecting: Expert Business Tips

  1. Schedule “The Golden Hours” in your calendar as if it’s the most important appointment you have in your day.
  2. Don’t waste a second during your “Golden Hours”.
  3. Have your top 20 prospects listed out and in a queue ready to call.
  4. Stand up for the entire hour.
  5. Eliminate all possible distractions.
  6. Put a sign on your door saying “Golden Hours in process. Currently raising your stock value!”
  7. Turn you outlook email notice button off!
  8. Do not check email!
  9. Don’t answer questions.
  10. Don’t take personal calls.
  11. Don’t answer any call that is not someone calling to set a new appointment.
  12. Use the restroom before your “Golden Hours”.
  13. Don’t hang up the phone for the entire hour. (use your finger to hang up and keep dialing)
  14. Make as many dials as humanly possible during your “Golden Hours”.


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