What to Say When You Talk To Yourself : Expert Business Tips

Quotes about Inner Speech

Today’s discussion is on self-talk. It’s so much fun to work your way through and understand exactly WHY and HOW you’re going to get to the next level. Remember self talk is not just what you tell yourself but also what you tell others about yourself and what you allow others to say about you. Additionally, it is influenced by what programming inputs you allow to come into your mind (books, tapes, TV, radio, etc).

Here are the 5 major premises of Shad Helmstetter’s book “What to say when you talk to yourself.”

  1. Success results from our actions
  2. Actions are affected by our feelings
  3. Feelings are impacted by our attitudes
  4. Attitudes come from our beliefs
  5. Beliefs are purely programming

In addition to his work I’ve created 6 definitions to help you understand each step.

Success – Whatever you desire most

Actions – The things you do

Feelings – physiological characteristics or changes to your body

Attitude – The way you perceive things to be

Beliefs – Items that you have declared as fact

Programming –What you’ve heard repeated most often

Therefore you need to be in CONTROL of what you hear repeated most often; in other words your self-talk.


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