Do Not Let Busy Lead To Burnout!! : Expert Business Tips

Take the Stairs Book Author Rory VadenRory Vaden, one of the co-founders of Southwestern Consulting was featured in an article on Wall Street Journal recently.  Check out the excerpt below…

…Even bosses with well-defined goals can “ultimately let other people’s objectives overpower their own,” says Rory Vaden, author of career-advice book “Take the Stairs,” and co-founder of Southwestern Consulting. The Nashville, Tenn., firm has coached more than 800 people about time management since 2008.

The main problem, he says, is priority dilution: emergencies that delay attention to your most important activities. To prevent it, managers have to actively decide what not to do, he adds.

Easier said than done for an urgency addict. Consider Liz Bishop. In January 2011, the senior vice president of Heffernan Insurance Brokers in Petaluma, Calif., was juggling 280 emails a day and often distracted by colleagues’ crises. “I love solving problems,” Ms. Bishop says. “That’s emotional cookies for me.”

Meanwhile, her customer revenue had plunged 50% during the recession, and Ms. Bishop, whose clients were mainly in the construction industry, found herself without time to bring in new clients. Her team members faced similar revenue drops. She had to refocus on sales and lead by example, she says.

Coached by Mr. Vaden, Ms. Bishop prioritized revenue-producing activities, setting aside two days a week to pursue potential customers.

Associates with urgent needs still pop into her office on those days, but she says she’s now able to maintain limits and stick with her top priority. She’s since learned that “nine times out of 10, it can wait,” she says.

The effort has paid off: Ms. Bishop’s commercial commissions doubled to $60,000 last year, while her team’s 2011 commissions rose 50%, to $600,000. Not letting others sway her priorities “played a very significant role” in the improved results, she says…

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