7 Rules For Transparency : Tips To Live By

I came across this article recently.  I am not sure who wrote it otherwise I would give credit.  This is most definitely worth reading!  At Southwestern Consulting we fully believe in transparency and try to live it out daily!

Seek facts not blame.

Ask for and offer help.

Speak the truth, respectfully.

Think organizationally, act departmentally.

Engage fully.

Laugh and play.

Share leadership.

All of these are important to creating a transparent organization that has the courage to see, face and overcome its problems.  All are important in building an organization that brings more than just money to its people and its customers.  Transparency enables sincerity and trust. Trust is the lubricant that enables organizations to function, grow and prosper. Trust enables success.  Lack of transparency causes doubt, introduces fear and destroys trust.

Sharing Leadership is probably the most often overlooked in the list above.  Key to transparency is giving others in the organization the information and the ability to influence by offering ideas and demonstrating responsibility.  “Everyone in the organization should take accountability for modeling the ground rules, regardless of who actually chairs a meeting or runs a department or owns a process.”  This idea fully aligns with a core principle of the Lead Change Group; leadership comes from within, from your character or who you are.

A transparent organization is one that encourages distributed character-based leadership rather than a narrow, positional leadership model.


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