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Dustin Hillis the Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting blog about selling the way people like to buy

No more maybes. Winning their business before you begin

Helping someone make a decision is vital to being a Top Producer! Professional salespeople can take a “yes” or take a “no”, but it’s the “maybes” that kill them! If you or someone you know has an issue with getting people to make up their minds faster and closing the deal or wish that your closing ratio was better, following the five steps of the cycle of the introduction will change your world.  Nothing will improve your closing ratio better than understanding why they are going to buy before you ever begin.  The best salespeople are the best at asking questions, uncovering needs, answering objections before the come up, and letting people buy.  Ultimately, the close should just be a formality when you do the steps of the introduction correctly.

There are five steps to…

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