3 Ways We Lose Time in Our Schedules and How To Avoid Them : Business Tips

Here are some tips on what NOT to do (& what to do instead)

Not Knowing where you’re going next. Don’t waste a second – ever.

    • Don’t let your goals and dreams fall victim to unplanned events. Anything that isn’t a part of your schedule is a distraction and should be minimized at all costs. Don’t be rude to people but just know that you should “always have a meeting to be at” in the next few minutes. There should always be somewhere you’re going next.
    • Have a written schedule and stick to it relentlessly. Your results are very often the output of your schedule. Do what is on your schedule all the time. (Mine is attached from my B contract 22 person team. Had 18 credit hours, was on Senate, played IM basketball, and volunteered 1 hour a week)


    • Physical – Sleep [fatigue makes cowards of us all]
    • Physical – Gym [Don’t let your body feed you the BS that you’re too tired to work out. Your body recharges from working out.]
    • Emotional – Recharge [If you’re pouring out into others you need to be refilling your emotional fuel  tank.
      • Positive reading – John Maxwell – 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, One Minute Manager, T Harv Eker “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”, How To Win Friends and Influence People, Leadership gold (Maxwell), Good to Great (Collins),
      • Bible each day at least 1 chapter.
      • Church on Sunday
      • Family (go to their house, not necessarily talk to them on the phone)

Having focus diverted across too many things

    • Imbalance – Balance is a joke. Balance is not equal time across equal activities ITS APPROPRIATE time across critical PRIORITIES. In other words don’t try to be all things to all activities or try to do everything. Instead figure out what things are most important to you (in this case recruiting) and imbalance your life in that direction.
    • Keystone Goal – Have 1 overarching goal that ties all the others together. Mine was the student excellence award. Bringing 20 was the bi-product of my schedule and being focused on SEA. I never set out to bring 20 persay.
    • Batching – multi-tasking means juggling lots of priorities; it doesn’t mean doing many tasks at once. Don’t try to be on Facebook, while doing homework, and taking cell phone calls. Doesn’t work. Focus is power. Blitz it hard. Homework for homework time. Gym for gym time. Family for family time. Pounding the phones during phone time. That simple.

How many you recruit is just a byproduct of your schedule. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. You be consistent and relentless about your schedule. Work the system and allow the system to work for you.

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    1. Focus is power.. need to keep that in mind… also been hitting think and grow rich hard lately and it is helping with that…

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