Comparison truly is the theif of joy! Read this incredible post by one of the Senior Partners of Southwestern Consulting.

Dustin Hillis the Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting blog about selling the way people like to buy

Comparison causes stress, frustration and ultimately limits people’s belief in what they think is possible.

It takes an extreme amount of self-control and mental toughness to not compare yourself to other people. Think about it.  When was the last time you had any of the following thoughts:

  • “I would be doing much better if I had Mary’s territory”
  • “I’m doing more work than Henry and he need to pick up the pace”
  • “The only reason John is successful is because he gets special treatment by the boss”
  • “It’s not fair that Sue is getting paid as much as she is. I work just as hard if not harder than her”
  • “Nancy’s husband is so much more attentive to her needs than my husband”
  • “I wish my wife was as hot as Mike’s wife”

The hardest part of not comparing yourself to other people is the fact that we as humans…

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