Look at the ROOT; Not the FRUIT #business #advice

Starting off the new year in the right direction… Evaluate your ROOT!


So many times, when things go wrong, we look at the end result and say ‘what happened here?’ We look at the lack of results, we look at our frontline team and we look at our management team and we try to fix, improve or replace our “fruit”. We try to make our people better so our results will get better. We add in training, replace management and hire new people to try and create a different end result. Although we all want to see better results most times the real challenge does not lie within our people or quotas, it actually starts with the systems (or lack thereof) currently in place.

“Look at the Root. Not the Fruit” is about improving your foundation and creating long lasting systems that create a track for success. If we make the “root” strong it will naturally bear stronger “fruit”. We help you improve your systems to improve your results.

If you would like more information about Southwestern Consulting™ Business Consulting service please contact ajohns@southwesternconsulting.com

Amanda Johns Vaden





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