4 Dimensional Follow Up – Part 2 “Creating Loyalty”

In case you are just digging in make sure you check out Part 1 on THE GENERATIONAL GAP

Today we are going to dig into the methods of building relationships, creating loyalty and locking out competition. Techniques for implementing automated systems that help you accomplish all of these things through consistent and on-going follow up including social media, text campaigns and more.

Ask yourself these questions.

  1. How many of you have ever lost a client before because of poor follow up?
  2. How many of you win clients because of excellent follow up?

Here’s the bottom line. You can easily differentiate yourself from your competition by making the effort to follow-up with your prospects and customers. If you know most of your colleagues and competition isn’t following up (and trust me, they aren’t) then you better be the one who is.

We are running around in a world where everyone is affected by sensory overload. If you do not stay in front of your prospects and clients you will end up as another piece of clutter in the information mix.

Repetition is the key to consumer recognition. A consistent follow up system can make you thousands of dollars in repeat and referral business. If you have helped them make a good decision, they like you and they trust you then why are you not reaching out to them at least once a month?

You’ve worked hard to gain their trust and to make the sale, why would you let them forget you a month later? In all logical thinking you wouldn’t let that happen … but it does.

Marketing may be the key for brand recognition but follow up is the key to building long term relationships.


“Communication Styles for the Generations”




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