There are 6 Types of People That Require Follow Up… (Part 5 of 12)

Figuring out who to follow up with is generally

the 2nd biggest challenge sales people run into.

Most of us choose 1 of 3 options; we don’t follow up anyone, we only follow up with prospects until we get the sale or we only follow up with past clients.

In an ideal world, you would be following up with every potential prospect that you ever met but that’s not necessarily realistic so here are 6 groups of people that you should have on some sort of follow up schedule.

What types of people require follow up?

You want to follow up with each type of customer as if each of your last conversation had been immediately erased from their memory… because most likely it was! I can hardly remember where I was yesterday much less what my financial advisor was trying to tell me on the phone. I need to be reminded, often. Just like you and I our past clients, current clients, prospects, friends and family need reminding of what it is that we do and sell. Don’t make the assumption that every one knows what you do and will remember what you do the next time they need to buy what you sell.

    1. Current book of business
  • Follow up with anyone that you have worked with over the last 24 months
  • Highlight individuals that you work with in cross industries                                                (ie Real Estate/Mortgage or Financial Advisor/ CPA)
  • Follow up with all clients that you have not worked with in the last 2 years
  • This could include people who have previously purchased from you or people who you previously worked with in cross industries (ie past referral partners)
  • Follow up with any person that you have had an initial conversation with about your product or service
  • These are all the people you are currently trying to set up meetings with or the people you are trying to get in touch with
    1. Past clients
    1. Prospective clients 
    1. Prospects
  • Follow up with any person that has been identified and qualified as a potential customer for your product or service
  • These are the people who you have already spoken to, met with, presented to and are now trying to get their business. They have been identified as qualified prospects, they have interest and now it’s just a matter of who, when and where.
  • Follow up with all persons that you have been referred to or people who send you referrals
  • These people should be at the top of your follow up list. You should be meeting with or speaking to your referral partners on a monthly basis at minimum.
  • People you have been referred to should be #1 on your call list every day. You should never wait more than 48 hrs to call on a referral, unless otherwise instructed. Time is of the essence.
  • Follow up with friends, family, past or current colleagues, industry affiliated associates, networking groups, service providers, vendors, past or current clients
  • This would include anyone who you associate with on a semi-regular basis that could possibly, one day need your goods or services. In other words, everyone you know who also knows you!
    1. Referrals and/or Referral Partners
    1. COI – Circle of Influence

In addition to following up with different categories of people there are also certain products and services that require slightly more follow up than others.

STAY TUNED NEXT THURSDAY FOR What types of products require follow up?



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