What Types of Products Require Follow Up? (Part 6 of 12)

Most prospects need little time to consider the purchase of inexpensive items, such as a sweater or new wallet, since little money is involved. The risk for the buyer is low and therefore minimal front end follow-up is required. This is not to say that post sale follow up is not important – it is. But certain types of sales, however, will require extensive follow-up efforts since prospects will take more time to make a decision when more money is involved.

High Priced Items: With high priced items most consumers will conduct extensive research, look at several options, get various forms of feedback and take their time before making a decision. That’s because it’s a major expenditure. Smart businesses are like smart consumers. They will shop around to try to get the best price and service possible before committing to any significant expenditure. These items are purchased with logic and reason. It’s not that emotion isn’t involved, it is, but the ultimate purchase decision comes down to what makes most sense financially.

Items in this category would include:

  • Real Estate
  • Automobiles
  • New Employees

Luxury Items: A sales person has to not only overcome objections to the high prices of such items, but they have to overcome the obstacle that they represent unnecessary purchases. These items are purchased with emotion, feeling and with personal image in mind. Logic and reason is not of the essence and purchase decisions can be highly influenced.

Items in this category would include:

  • Recreational vehicles
  • High end jewelry
  • Designer brands
  • Vacation homes or Timeshares

New Technology: New computers and machinery that employ new technologies often employ high price tags. They’re also perceived as risky purchases because the track record for their use is not well established. Plus, people rarely make quick decisions about things they don’t understand. The excitement of new, faster and better technology is the appeal but the price tag is the major hold up.

Items in this category include:

  • Motorized Machinery
  • Office Machinery
  • Personal Technology
  • Green Technology

Services: Since services are less tangible than physical products, they are often harder to sell. It can take a lot of convincing and follow-up on the part of the sales person to make a sale. A product can be seen, touched, and judged on the spot, but a service can only be explained or imagined. That’s why prospects may delay the decision to buy. The more explanation required the longer the decision-making process.

Items in this category include:

  • Stocks/Bonds
  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Outsourced Services

Products don't Sell - YOU DO!

When you make a sale, follow-up doesn’t end it continues. Once a prospect buys your product or service and becomes a customer your job is to retain that customer, resale additional products/services to that customer and to obtain referrals from that customer.

Even if you don’t close a sale, you can still employ a follow-up plan to maintain contact with a prospect with the goal of someday turning them into a client.



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