A Quick Guide on How and When to Follow Up With Your Clients (Part 7 of 12)

When determining what kind of follow up would

be important to your clients ask yourself 3 questions: 


(please note activities that you do not currently employ)

  • Thank you call, email, hand written note, or thank you gift
  • An initial feedback phone call following implementation
  • A technical and/or customer service inquiry by another department
  • A feedback phone call or letter after some period of time of usage of product/ service
  • An annual/ quarterly/ monthly feedback call or letter
  • An annual/ quarterly/ monthly breakfast/ lunch/ dinner to address needs or for continued relationship development

What service & follow-up activities could I add to my schedule that would potentially drive additional sales from my customer?

  • Send a helpful third-party book addressing another area where you have a solution
  • Send a customer newsletter with helpful ideas for their particular world (business or home)
  • Send relevant industry news stories or trade magazine articles
  • Stay in touch on a personal level by remembering birthdays and celebrating holidays

What service & follow up activities could I add to my schedule that would potentially drive referrals and word-of-mouth prospects?

  • Send a note asking for referrals
  • Call or arrange a meeting where you can ask for referrals
  • Send several pre-done postcards with stamps for your customer to send to friends/ colleague
  • Who might benefit by talking with you about your product/ service
  • Send referrals to your customer

Action Item:

Pick 1 follow up activity that you are not currently doing with your current clients and start implementing that service today. Whether it be a quarterly email blast or writing hand written thank you cards to every new client pick 1 thing that you can start doing today.

Know exactly what you are going to send, who will receive it and how often it will go out. After you have figured out those 3 things you can start to automate the process. Schedule it in advance!

Stay tuned to learn more about automating your follow up processes.



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