5 Times When You Should Always Follow UP. NO IFS, ANDS OR BUTS ABOUT IT!

  1. Follow-up with referral contacts
  • Never let more than 48 hrs pass by before you follow up with referred prospects
  • As a rule of thumb; follow up with all referrals within 24 hrs of receiving that referral


2. Follow-up with current clients to service the people who are already happily involved with your offering.

  • You need to contact these people as part of the professional service you provide to them in appreciation of their continued loyalty to you, to your company, and to your offering
  • Following up to offer help and advice will be one of your best avenues to get additional business from your current clientele

3. Follow-up to inform clients of new-and-improved versions of your offering, reminding them to renew or upgrade their current product or service

  • This is a powerful way for you to stay in front of your clients and prospects by identifying yourself as an ‘industry expert’ who is knowledgeable in your industry, company and well versed in product offerings. Never miss an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and ability to help your clients.

4. Follow-up to get a hold of hard-to-reach prospects

  • Just because they are hard to get in touch with does not mean they are not interested. The more successful you are in reaching these prospects the more you will stand out once you finally get them on the phone. Be creative, be persistent and don’t give up.

5. Follow-up to thank people who have stuck with you and have been instrumental in helping you develop your sales career through their long-term patronage

  • You should follow up with new and old clients alike in this department
  • Never miss an opportunity to say thank you. Do it early, do it often and thank everyone involved.


Go to your schedule. Pick a day or time that you will start dedicating to follow up. Block this time off in your calendar so that time is always set aside. Do not schedule other activities during this time period. Just like you would not scheudle a phone call during a presentation do not scheudle other activities during your follow up time. Follow up will not happen by itslef and if it’s not scheduled it will not get done!


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