5 Simple Steps to Successful Follow-Up (Step 1 of 5)

Step 1:       Schedule It

1. Schedule specific follow up times in your calendar

a.  Plan it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly… just plan it.

Pick a time of day for each aspect of follow-up. Block off time for yourself that you will dedicate to making phone calls, meeting with clients, and mailing information. Phone calls are often best in the morning before your prospect’s day has a chance to get hectic. Many business people often come to the office early and stay late, so off-hours are good times to phone. It’s during off-hours that many key buyers and decision-makers answer their own phones; assistants and secretaries may not be in the office yet.

2. Plan ahead to keep in touch

    1. Take 1 day in January to schedule your follow up for the whole year or schedule out ½ day each quarter or 2 hrs the first Friday of each month … it doesn’t matter how you schedule it as long as you schedule it.
    2. Follow up should be a part of your budget and business plan





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