Follow-Up : Fully Automated. What tools to start using RIGHT now… (Step 2 of 5)

Step 1:       Schedule It  (see last week’s blog)

Step 2:       Automate It  – Technology


There are Pros and Cons of using technology for follow up.

Pros:  It’s free (or cheaper), it’s automatic, it’s instantaneous, you can pre-schedule it and there is less manual work involved.

Cons: The more high-tech the more high-touch you have to be. People need to hear from you more often when using technology. You could get spammed, easier to ignore, easier to block or delete, get caught in the clutter. If you use technology you need to do more of it.

Here are some user-friendly tools that you can access online to start automating your follow up today.

Virtual Tools That You Should Know About For Effective Follow Up:

  1. Send Out Cards
    1. A paid subscription service that allows you to import your contacts and Send Out Cards will send out physical mailings and gifts to your clients for you on your behalf.
  2. E-cards         
    1. These are electronic greeting cards

i.     There are tons of these sites online. American Greetings just happens to be my favorite sites.

  1. E-Zines/ E-Newsletters
    1. This is an electronic version of a newspaper/magazine like article that you create and send out to your clients. This can be done on a periodic basis or you can set it to an ongoing consistent schedule. You can subscribe to a paid service such as Constant Contact, A-Weber, Vertical Response or many others out there.
    2. Contact & Email Management Services:
      1.                                                         i.     Vertical Response
      2.                                                       ii.     Icontact –
      3.                                                      iii.     Aweber –
      4.                                                      iv.     Ace of Sales –
      5.                                                       v.     Emma
  2. Social Media
    1. LinkedIn

i.     LinkedIn is a professional networking site that connects individuals and businesses.

  1. Twitter

i.     Twitter is the micro-blogging phenomenon. It’s great for advertising!

  1. Facebook

i.     Facebook (which you would have to live in a cave to have not heard about this yet) is the largest social media site in the world that connects people.

  1. Facebook ‘Like Pages’ were created for Facebook users to advertise their businesses
  2. Pinterest
  3. Promotional Items –
  4. Payment Services-
  5. Document Scanning –

Bonus Technology Sites:

  1. Contact Researcher:           Xobni     
  2. Information Organizer:      Tweetdeck
  3. Time Saver:                       Hootsuite


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