When it comes to Follow-Up… BE CREATIVE (Step 3 of 5)

Step 1:       Schedule It 

Step 2:       Automate It  – Technology  (see last week’s blog)

Step 3:       Build a relationship – Be Creative


  1. Alternate business contact with personal contact
  2. Keep in touch on personal level as much as you do on a business level
    1. Personal
  1.                                                i.     Holidays:  Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Happy New Year
    1. Be a holiday that other people don’t keep in touch  (ie Thanksgiving or Valentines)
    2. Add past clients to this list as well.
  2.                                              ii.     Birthdays:
    1. keep track of your clients (or top clients) birthday and send cards or ecards
  3.                                                i.     Press Releases or News Articles. A press release is primarily sent to the media in hopes of getting them to write about or feature your company or product. Because a press release contains new or newsworthy information, it’s also appropriate to send to prospects.
  4.                                              ii.     Company Newsletters And Tip Sheets. The purpose of a company newsletter or tip sheet is to provide information about a company or its products. When used most effectively, these communication vehicles contain valuable information that a prospect may find helpful.
  5.                                             iii.     Sales Brochures. As your company grows, you will create new sales brochures. Sending a sales brochure will inform your old prospects about your new products, product improvements, and new features.
  6.                                             iv.     Promotions. Anytime that your company is running a product special or incentive you should let all of your clients know in advance so they don’t miss out on an opportunity to save money.
    1. Business

Be creative – Create your own USP

  1. Creative reminder pieces
    1. Useful materials that people will actually use

i.     Calendar magnets, business card magnets, pens, notepads, desktop calendars, office supplies

  1. Vista print, Oriental Trading Company, Hobby Lobby, promotional companies…
  2. Use Creative packaging
    1. Colored packaging, colored writing, printed envelopes, unusual sizes and shapes
    2. Have Personalized materials
      1. Return Address Stamps, envelopes, stationary, note cards, thank you cards,  postcards

i.     These can be used as mailers, gifts or leave behinds for the office


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