Ever wondered what kind of follow-up system you should follow? (Step 4 of 5)

Step 1:       Schedule It 

Step 2:       Automate It  – Technology 

Step 3:       Build a relationship – Be Creative   (see last week’s blog)

Step 4:       Have a Routine  


Do it monthly, quarterly and on special occasions

  1. Phone calls
  2. Emails
  3. 3.     Hand written thank you cards
    1. When someone sets an appointment with you
    2. Take the time to do this every time you do a presentation with someone
    3. When they buy from you or when they re-new with you

i.     *no one does this anymore. If you want to be noticed do what no one else is doing!

  1. Send out cards www.sendoutcards.com

i.     If you want to send something physical in the mail this is your best hassle free option

  1. Only need to do this 1-2x year
    1. Perhaps your business anniversary, birthday or chosen holiday
    2. E-cards  (www.americangreetings.com)

i.     You can schedule them and they are free

ii.     Funny thing about ecards is that when people receive them they will generally send you one right back!

  1. Online Newsletters or E-zines

i.     Ezine companies: Constant contact, Icontact, Aweber, vertical response

ii.     I don’t recommend physical newsletters b/c they are expensive, wasteful and they usually end up in the trash

  1. Ask yourself this: *what’s the benefit to them? People are looking for 1 of 3 things; more money, more happiness or more sex. If your  newsletter doesn’t lead to one of those 3 things don’t expect people to read it.
  2. Keep the subject line Attention Grabbing!!!
  3.  Fun information

i.     Funny story/event, statistic, good joke, recent success story…  attention grabber

ii.     Local events. Company sponsored events.

iii.     Upcoming seminars.

  1. Motivational information

i.     Quote of the day

ii.     Story of the month

iii.     Recommend a book you have recently read

  1. Industry  information

i.     You must share valid and interesting content

ii.     What is going on in the market/community that is relevant to them

iii.     What is the media saying… and does it apply to your industry or client base?

  1. Company information

i.     Product or company reviews.

ii.     New or upcoming products.

  1. Blog
    1. a.     Why you should have a Blog:

i.     You need to be a resource for your clients. If you aren’t providing up to date and relevant information for your clients, someone else is and your clients will soon be their clients. The more times you present yourself as a resource for your clients and prospects the more they will use you as a resource.

ii.     Best way for keeping in touch with your followers:

First of all, post information that people need and want to learn about. You can have 1 of 2 blogs; entertainment or information. I would argue the information route for you and your business. The more information you post the more you are seen as an expert in your field. Secondly, you need to post blogs on a regular and consistent basis. What you will find is that the more regular you post interesting and informative blog articles the more followers you will have and the more often they will actually read your thoughts. Readers will follow you as long as you aren’t going to leave them hanging – they need to be updated regularly with your ingenious thoughts.

  1. Personal drop-bys

                                                       i.     Make sure to SEE your customers at least 1/year

  1. Create a name for yourself. Make sure your customers know your face.
  2. Connect yourself with something unique and memorable and everyone will remember you

i.     Whatever you do – do it publicy

  1. If there is something noteworthy going on with your service/product or company make that a reason to stop by!




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