Use Social Media

Step 1:       Schedule It 

Step 2:       Automate It  – Technology 

Step 3:       Build a relationship – Be Creative  

Step 4:       Have a Routine   (see last week’s blog)

Step 5:       Use Social Media  

Although you may not hear from your clients on a regular basis, nor do they hear from you on a regular basis, social media gives you the opportunity to get involved on a more personal level increasing the likelihood your clients will continue to work with you because they like you, they trust you and they KNOW you! In addition to increasing your likeability factor social media gives you a chance to identify referrals, find prospects, keep in contact with clients on a regular basis, supply recommendations for yourself,  it’s a personal advertising tool for you, your products and your business and the best part is it’s FREE!

A.        FREE MARKETING – The best thing about social media is that it’s public advertising and that it can be very targeted advertising Over 800 million people on Facebook, 175 million on LinkedIn and 140 million on Twitter.

B.      PUBLIC 3RD PARTY TESTIMONIALS – Social media facilitates  customer champion letters.  When you have a Facebook page, people can leave comments about enjoying your product, service or friendship.

On LinkedIn, you can “Request Recommendations”.

C.        LEAD GENERATION – Social media is an example of the same old technique applied in a new way.  Just like working your sphere of influence now, it’s about investing into relationships and then following up for the sale or for referrals.

D.        FOLLOW-UP – The more immediate value of web work is not as much in getting new customers as it is with getting repeat business.

We all struggle to stay in touch with our past customers.

Social media provides a consistent and FREE way to do that.


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