Why Doing “business on the day” is so important to our customers

Guest post by RON MARKS

One of the best things we do in sales is help our customer make decisions. The average person in the world today is afraid to make a decision regarding buying something. Considering that most business and government leaders understand that indecision costs far more than a bad decision, helping people make a good decision has got to make you feel good doesn’t it?

There is also a lot of talk amongst sales people about the importance in actually getting a financial commitment on the first visit, otherwise known as “selling on the day” I think this is so important, however not for the reasons you might think. If I were to ask many people why it is so important to close the business on the same day the sales person first sees them, most of the responses would be focused around the benefits for the company. These could include making the selling process more profitable, preventing the customer from going elsewhere, saving the time of not having to go back out and re-present. The list could go on and on. I however, believe in a different set of reasons.

I understand from my years in selling that sales people tend to like to sell in the manner in which they like to buy. In other words, if you are someone who likes to think about things and does not buy from the first person you see regardless of whether they have what you are looking for, then it could be difficult for you to sell on the first visit because you may have too much empathy for the clients position and not wish to create too much pressure. If however you believed that not helping the customer to rationalize a decision on the day was actually more harm than helping them, you would see this differently wouldn’t you? You would not see this as high pressure, but more of a critical effort to make sure we are doing the best possible thing for our customer. The best possible thing is to help them own the Blueline Solar product and make the decision when they have all of the available information and it is fresh in their minds. In this manner we expedite the process and help the homeowner realize the benefits and cost saving that much sooner.

Consider these points:

  1. You should assume you are the best-trained, most competent sales person in your industry. You could work anywhere and for anybody in the business. You didn’t. You chose your company because of the products you offer and the way you and your company take care of your clients. You probably know more about this industry and the products you offer so why wouldn’t our prospective customers choose this and be better off for doing so.
  1. If you are not able to help a prospect make a good decision on the first visit of the visit to commit to your recommendation then we put them at risk. We put them at risk because they may make a decision solely on price alone and that would be unfair to them. One of the unfortunate things about many products is that quality can sometimes take time to realize. Think about it, on the day of installation or delivery even the cheapest; most shoddily constructed products could look good. Quality sometimes takes time to be realized, sometimes a year or two. Imagine the “cheap” product in 12-18 months. What is it likely going to look like? How will it have performed? Will the customer still be happy they saved a few dollars? My experience tells me they will be upset they did not make a better decision and whose fault will that be? That’s correct, the sales person.
  1. We have to believe that if we do not help them rationalize a decision to move ahead with our recommendation we have truly let them down. We have done the homeowner a disservice and we should be ashamed. This is not the way to choose to business. We choose to help customers make good decisions, eliminate the confusion from the many people trying to persuade them and get their energy costs down as soon as possible.

I believe these are truths and this is why we train in sales so hard, why we make such a focused effort on making sure all decision makers are present at appointments and assure all possible opportunities are in place to help the homeowner make a good decision. Of course all of this assumes we are able to provide the value, which you undoubtedly will. So if you agree with this position, make a commitment in everything you do to provide everything possible to help your customers make the right decision. You will be saving them a ton of time and they will thank you later.


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