Likes and Dislikes – How Men Should Sell #business #sales

When learning how to work and communicate with the opposite sex it is also very important to pay attention to what mean and women DO and DON’T like about mixed professional settings.   We should also note that many men said they actually preferred to work with women and vice versa. Sometimes the hardest people to communicate with are those of the same sex… not the opposite sexes. As part of our research we did over 100 blind surveys and a couple of dozen interviews to determine what are some of the general likes and dislikes between men and women in today’s work environment.  This week we wills start with what our MEN had to stay.  Here are some of those findings.

Men-SellingHere are some direct quotes from people I interviewed…

“For the majority, most men do not feel totally comfortable working with someone who is obviously more successful or better looking than them. I would also add that guys buy product over personality.”

“Women do not ask for, nor enjoy all ‘flattering’ attention given to us. I prefer a more professional setting without any personal compliments from the men I work with. Men need to understand that just because you got a sale from us doesn’t mean you’ll get a date.”



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