Do Better Looks Equal Better Sales? Find Out What People Said


When asked if better looks=better sales, men and women were finally in agreement. Here is what they had to say:

She Said:

  • 1/3 of the amount of persuasion when dealing with the opposite sex comes down to looks. Dress is part of the overall package in appearance and persuasion.
  • The better looking you are the more business you get. You will buy from people you are drawn to and attracted to.
  • People buy people. People buy looks.
  • Women are judged, initially, more on looks than ability (they can get away with more if they are attractive).

He Said:

  • 99% of a first impression is based on appearance in initial contact. People won’t even let you in the door if you don’t look good. Appearance and dress can make or break the deal.
  • Appearance = professionalism. It shows that you care about yourself and the person you are meeting with. How you take care of yourself says something about the way you will take care of your clients!!!
  • Good physical looks aren’t as important as the way you dress and present yourself but they can’t hurt!
  • You can be cute and pretty but if you are not reliable, it doesn’t matter, you are gone.
  • Don’t dress too seductive, that is distracting and unprofessional.
  • Guys want to do business (with guys) in an atmosphere of “hey, I am a guy just like you”- we can relate to each other. What we don’t want is some guy screaming I am better than you!
  • Guys want to do business with guys who are on the same level as they are (ie looks, money, etc…) but they want to do business with women who are a notch above them.

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