Servant Selling – Guest Post by Rory Vaden

Selling is not talking people into something they don’t want. Selling is providing the service of helping people decide what is best for them.

What makes selling a service is the fact that people need help deciding. A great salesperson isn’t one who is influential as much as it is one who helps provide clarity.

However, most salespeople are mediocre at being influential and extremely poor at providing clarity. They aren’t able to demonstrate why it is in the best interest of the person they are talking to, to take action.

That is because they aren’t standing on the ground of what is best for their prospect but only what is best for them. And so they say the wrong things, hear the wrong things, do the wrong things.

And so the unfortunately common result is that there is no sale.

And no sale is sad because that means there is no change. There is no difference. There is no movement. And for the once potential prospect it means that tomorrow their life will be no different than it was today. Which means that – assuming their is a good product- the failure to make the sale means there is no service provided.

If we had started the sale from a standpoint of service instead of one of influence, we might have won. If we had made the attempt to persuade out of selflessness instead of selfishness we might have created change.

If we had done this all the right way we would have both been a servant and made the sale.

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