7 Truths About Closing the Sale

These methods are tried and true.  I loved this blog post by Rory Vaden

Because of our fear of being too pushy, most salespeople are terrible at “closing” the sale. Here are 7 Truths about closing as a Servant Salesperson:

1. Closing is a process not an event – Contrary to popular belief closing is not a magical question or a strong-handed argument at the end of a presentation. A close is a question but closing is a process. It starts at the moment you meet your prospect and happens by developing more and more trust with them based on evidence that you are serving their self-interest and not yours.

2. People love to buy but hate to feel sold – At Southwestern Consulting™ we talk often about creating a “buying atmosphere”. A “buying atmosphere” is built by simply by letting your prospect know that it’s okay to tell you “No”. By letting them know it’s okay to say “No” you also empower them to be comfortable enough to say, “Yes”. If you are serving people then you will be okay with hearing no if it isn’t a good fit for them.



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