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Today we’re talking about closing and specifically we’re going to talk about the if/then close and how to use this to help you move through the sales process quicker. So if you are not familiar with the if/then close it’s a very simple technique that really makes a huge difference in you moving forward from the beginning to the end of your sales process. So it doesn’t matter if you are using it to set appointments, to get the contract, to collect the money it doesn’t matter. That’s the beautiful thing about the if/then close.

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So what is it?

The if/then close is a very simple statement a truly a question that you ask once you have some detailed information from your presentation and your needs analysis. So the if/then statement close sounds something like this…

“Well if Mr. Customer then we can provide you with everything you just told me you were looking for such as this and this and we could also eliminate some of the things you’re not happy with such as this and this. Then is that something that you would be willing to move forward with today?”

If we do this, then will you do that? Now here’s the great part about the if/then close its actually probably one of the best closes that you can use once you go through your needs analysis because if they say yes, if you can do this then I will do this, their already committing at least verbally before you even go into your presentation, but here’s the other thing if they say no that’s a critical statement that you need to know in advance before you spend all this time presenting and following up which is what most of us spend our time doing. We spend our time following up on business that was actually never going to close in the first place. So as soon as you go through your needs analysis you want to ask the question…

“If we can do this based on what you just told me then would you be willing to give me an answer about moving forward today, yes or no?”

That’s what we call a critical question because if they say yes game on move forward green light go we’re going into the presentation, but if they say no that’s an alert that’s a red light telling you to stop here and find out why, ask more questions so the if/then close isn’t just a great thing about moving you forward it’s also a great temperature gauge question so you know exactly where you stand before you start providing your solutions.

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