3 Things You Must Do Every Morning to Have a Successful Day #salestips

Another great guest blog post from one of my business partners, Ellen Petrillo! Follow these tips and I know your life will change!  

There are at least a dozen different reasons why someone chooses to be in sales. For some people it is flexibility, for others it is because you believe in what you are selling, it could even be because you feel you are making a difference or helping people. Although, I would bet that for most people… it is because of the money you can earn to build the wealth you need to create the lifestyle you desire.

So with that being said, if you knew one distinct trait that the average Millionaire has in common AND you knew you didn’t have to spend any money to have the same trait AND you could start it tomorrow… would you be willing to do it?

I bet, probably not. I say this because of how many times I have heard people say, “I’m just not a morning person.” I’ve even been guilty myself of thinking, “I wish I was a morning person!” Have you guessed what the trait is yet? Here it is:

“The average Millionaire starts their day at 4:30 AM.”

The Average Millionaire Wakes up at 4:30am

At this point, I wouldn’t be insulted if you stopped reading and said “not interested.” I would have 3 years ago! However if you are going to continue reading, it’s most likely because you are wondering, “How?” Here are 3 quick tips to start your day off right.

  1. Begin each day with a Grateful heart. Once your alarm goes off, make a mental list of everything you are grateful for that day. If you struggle with this, make a game of it! My ‘Best Half’ and I put up simple reminders on our ceiling so we see that first thing in the morning and we compete with each other to see who can come up with more stuff!                     Ellen_Grateful
  1. Do something to make yourself or someone else laugh. The reason I started to do this is because I noticed that when I was laughing in the morning, my energy level increased, my excitement for the day grew and I was finding joy in being silly or weird. Anytime people are laughing it creates a positive environment. Some examples may be to do a dance, make up a song, read your goals or affirmations in a different accent, and compliment yourself or someone else repeatedly until you run out of compliments! This all helps you prepare for a day to bring joy to others!
  1. Schedule something earlier than you normally would. You can schedule a breakfast meeting with a client or friend. You can schedule a workout with a trainer or fitness partner. You can schedule a phone call to catch up or plan something. You can schedule Bible study time with a Church group. You can schedule a Team Building exercise with other people that you work with. You can schedule a Morning Play Date with your children. You can schedule Meditation time at a Yoga Studio. You can schedule an early morning coaching session with your Southwestern Consulting Coach!   The main idea is to schedule an activity with someone else that you know you can count on to show up. This in return will make you more likely to stick to your commitment and get you day started earlier.

Even with these 3 tips, 4:30 AM will still be a challenge. You are forming a new habit that is not the norm. It is not ideal, it is not comfortable, it is challenging and the “challenge” may be why less than 1% of Americans are true millionaires. I’m not saying that you need to start beginning your day at 4:30 AM. I’m saying just try to get up 1 hour earlier and see what it does for you. It’s about being willing to give up a little bit of comfort, in order to get the extra hours in the day, to finally create more time to earn more money, that will help you build the wealth you need to create the lifestyle you desire. If you are willing to get a little bit uncomfortable for the short- term, imagine the long-term opportunities you’ll provide yourself. What have you got to lose? Just a million dollars…

If you are willing to get a little bit uncomfortable for the short- term, imagine the long-term opportunities you’ll provide yourself.


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