3 Strategies of Shiftiness | Rory Vaden

GUEST POST by Rory Vaden…

We’ve all been there. We’ve all made mistakes. Trying to live your life without making mistakes is futile. Learning how to respond correctly after you make them is crucial.

Yet I notice in the world today, and in me, an immature tendency to avoid taking ownership of our own mistakes.

None of us like to make mistakes and no one wants to be the center of negative attention. But if you’ve messed up there is a right way to react and a wrong way; primarily 3 very common wrong ways. I call them the 3 Strategies of Shiftiness. See if they sound familiar.

The Lie – We flat out make up little white lies to try and diminish our mistake. We blame Fedex for the unmet delivery time when in reality we didn’t meet the deadlines. We blame traffic for arriving late when really we slept in. Etc.

Why do we make up these little lies? One reason is because we think we can get away with it but…



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