10 things not to say at work


Give the list below of 10 things you shouldn’t say at work a read. Would you add anything to this list? Would you remove anything?

1. Does that make sense?
Many women end their statements with,“Does that make sense?” or “Do you know what I mean?”. We do this because we want to make sure we were understood, but this phrasing suggests you think you were incoherent. Instead, ask your listeners, “What are your thoughts?” or say, “Let me know if you have questions about this” instead of the undermining, “Did that make sense?”

2. Just
“I just want to check in and see…” “I’m just concerned that…” We insert justs because we’re worried about coming on too strong, but they make the speaker sound defensive, a little whiny and tentative. Drop ’em!

3. Actually
“I actually think…” “I actually have a question.” Those actuallys make it sound like you are surprised that you have a question or that you disagree!



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