5 things you need to know about me if you read my blog

1. I write for business people looking for tips in sales, business, motivation, inspiration, social media, generational trends, communicating with the opposite gender, success, achievement, time management, productivity or anything else that may help you become better at what you do.

2. I am sales person before anything else. I believe in practicing what you preach and being your personal best.  This blog is for people who want to achieve success and need a little help getting there.

3. I am an entreprenuer and helped start Southwestern Consulting in 2006 – starting this company was my first job out of college.  Do the math. I believe that age is just a number and that everyone has something to learn from every person they meet.

4. My mantra is “exceeding expectations”. I work hard to do this in today’s business environment because so few others do.

5. I have made lots of mistakes, I have learned from all of them and each one has made me a better person and better at what I do. I will share these stories with you.

Visit me at http://www.amandajohnsvaden.com




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