What happens when men dominate leadership roles in business?

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In a recent study conducted at Southwestern Consulting™, we discovered that out of 100 participants (51% male and 49% female), the majority of of our test group were led by male leaders and supervisors.  In fact, 65% of our participants reported that his or her manager was a man, 34% had a female leader while 1% chose to abstain from answering.

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It’s not that I find this odd – it’s actually what I expected. I do, however, find it a little interesting.  This got me to thinking of all the pros and cons of male leadership.

With that said, here is my list. I’m curious to see if you agree or disagree with me! Please leave a comment and let me know where you stand.

Male Leadership PROS

(I feel obliged to start with this since I am a woman and I don’t want you to think me a feminist, anti-male promoter)

  • They get to the point quicker
  • I tend to know where I stand more often
  • There seems to be less gossip (in general)
  • They actually seem to have a little more “fun” at work
  • They tend to give it to me straight and don’t worry about hurting my feelings (some may say this is a bad thing but I like it)
  • There is less brainstorming and more doing (again, some may think this is a con but I prefer doing rather than talking about doing)
  • They are less passive aggressive. I am rarely confused when someone gets mad … I may not agree but at least I know why


Male Leadership CONS

  • I tend to leave meetings with no real direction … Lots of talking but no real action items to implement
  • I always seem to feel like “what next?”
  • I get left out a lot … They all seem to buddy up but leave me out because I am a woman. How can I create relationships if I never get invited?  (I am constantly confused about this one)
  • It drives me nuts that the male leaders I know still stereotype women in the office as emotional – this generality is not true for all women
  • There is some tendency to think they are somehow above reproach, deserve more pay for the same work, can do less and still get the credit. (Again, this is not for all men leaders but still a common trend I have noticed)
  • The lack of a collaborative effort or inclusion leaves others feeling bossed around or “managed” instead of being led
  • There seems to be less systems, organization, follow through, details and follow up … Perhaps this is a pro and I don’t know it but this is my biggest factor in frustration when working with other male leaders


You may find these lists to be insightful, repetitive or to be producing an ah-ha moment for you… or you may not agree with anything above. Regardless, these are things that make a difference to me.

What about you? What points on the above lists do you agree with? Disagree with? What would you add?

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