Selling to Baby Boomers

Time is money

Baby boomers are one of the largest generations currently in the US workforce.

Large portions of them are the decision makers in their workplace. Meaning that a vast majority of the decision makers are between the ages of 50 and 70.

How do we sell, communicate, and build relationships with this generation?

The first thing you need to know is that their preferred, number one form of communication is the telephone.

This generation is busy, some of the busiest people in all the generations. They are running businesses, sales teams, marketing departments. They travel. They have executive decision-making power.

Conference calls and scheduling one on one calls are some of the best ways to reach them. Also, leaving voicemails is very effective with this generation.

The second fact about the Baby Boomer generation is that they are still the number one generation most likely to open, read, and respond to direct mail.

That’s right, snail mail, people. They’re actually looking at all that stuff the U.S. Postal Service is sending and putting in our mailboxes.

If you are the type of business that utilizes direct marketing materials (like mailers), it works with this generation.

I’ll be real honest with you, that doesn’t work with my generation. If you are mailing me things, they are going straight to my recycle bin. They’re not getting opened, they’re not getting looked at, and they’re definitely not getting read.

Face-to-face meetings aren’t that likely with Baby Boomers unless they are scheduled way in advance due to their hectic schedules. When you do get an opportunity to speak with them in person, make their time worth while and bring your “A” game. But time is precious, so bring your “A” game everyday.


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