Selling to Generation X

Selling to Generation X


Today’s vast markets made up of diverse generations can make a salesperson’s job that much more difficult.

There are four main generations in the work place and every single one prefers a different channel of communication. Knowing how to connect and reach each generation is crucial to being a successful salesperson.

How do you sell, communicate, and build relationships with Gen X in particular?

First, you need to know who Gen X is. Gen X is usually defined as people in their late 30s to their early 50s.

This is the .COM generation. They were raised during the emergence of the Internet, and started work during the evolution of email.

This is a good hint of knowing how to reach them and how to build relationships with them. It’s online. In fact, the number one preference of communication for Gen X is email. They are more likely to respond to email verses any other form of communication.

Gen X is most likely to do all of their research and shopping and purchasing online. Yes, even more than Millennials.

Even if they go into a brick and mortar store, the Gen X population is looking at it online first. They’re researching it online. They’re comparing it online. They’re reading reviews online.

You might try to call them first, but if the phone isn’t working, stop calling them and start emailing them.

You have to know how people want to be reached in order to save yourself time and become more efficient.

One tip for using LinkedIn when trying to connect with Gen X: if you’re going to send them an email, send it through LinkedIn. It has a double whammy effect, because LinkedIn is going to notify them and then will also send them an email from you directly to their inbox. You’re reaching them two different ways with one effort, killing two birds with one stone.

When it comes to Gen X, you want to make sure you have an online presence so they can research you, and you want to reach them through email.

Once you know how to effectively reach your clients, you are one step closer to crossing the “sale” finish line.


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