11 Servant Selling Philosophies

Servant Selling

Here is a guest blog from Rory Vaden on servant selling. To read the full post click here.

Our team at Southwestern Consulting is on a mission to elevate the perception of sales people and the sales profession worldwide.

We have a philosophy called Servant Selling. Here are 11 philosophies that Servant Sellers believe:

  1. It’s hard to be nervous when your heart’s on service.

  2. Winning a person’s trust is more important than making the sale. If you earn someone’s trust you will eventually make the sale.

  3. You can put your client’s needs first and still come out ahead in the long run.

  4. By letting people know it’s okay to say “no” you also enable them to feel comfortable enough to say “yes”.

  5. Speak their language, not yours. Sell the way they like to buy; not the way you like to sell.

  6. When it comes to “closing” a big part of what makes selling a service is that people need help making decisions.

  7. It’s a disservice to allow people to remain undecided.

  8. You make it easier for people to buy when you show them that you are doing business with friends, or friends of friends.

  9. When you exceed your current client’s expectations they will ultimately become the source of new business.

  10. Our job isn’t to talk people into things they don’t want. Our job is to bend over backwards to help people figure out what is best for them.

  11. You always get paid for how hard you work. Sometimes now, often times later but always eventually.

By being the pioneers of Servant Selling we are also challenging ourselves to live up to a new standard.

Will you join us?


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