3 Reasons Why Follow-Up is Important

Follow Up

The most inexpensive way for you to get more business is to sell to existing clients.

Existing clients are more likely to give you referrals to more potential leads. And it’s easier upsell an existing client. How do we do that?

Well, there’s an art to being very good at following up with your customers.

In fact, studies have shown that it takes three times more money and effort to find new prospects as it does to just keep the ones you have. We’re going to share with you three reasons why following-up with clients is crucial and essential to the success of selling.

Show Gratitude:

  • It’s important to follow-up just to say, “Thank you.” It’s amazing how those two little words can incredibly change the trajectory of your client relationship. When your customers know that you are appreciative and grateful for their business, it creates loyalty.
  • Whether you do it with a handwritten card, a gift, a phone call, or an email, just make sure that you are authentic and consistent when saying thank you.

Minimize Buyer’s Remorse

  • Make sure that you follow-up quickly because the quicker you follow-up, the less likely someone is to change their mind. Buyer’s remorse doesn’t always happen immediately after a sale. It could happen weeks or months later. They are either remorseful that they purchased the product, they found something better, or they bought from you, but they can never reach you.
  • You want to do it immediately upfront. You want to create that sense of urgency as if to say, “I am here for you and you made a good choice.”
  • Stay constant in your follow-up so that you can help address challenges before they ever become problems. If you follow-up on a regular basis and you find out things aren’t working, whether their prices increased, their policy changed or taxes are going to be higher on something, whatever it is, if you catch it, you’re just doing them a service. But if they catch it, it’s a problem.
  • So following-up and staying in touch really helps you minimize buyer’s remorse now and later.

Word of Mouth

  • Having a good relationship with your customers isn’t just good for business, it also increases the amount of positive word of mouth. With the over-abundance of social media sites, there’s too much opportunity to spread bad news.
  • You have to make sure they are sharing good news. Unfortunately, most people are seven times more likely to share bad news than they are good news. If you follow-up consistently, you can build word of mouth prospects and generate word of mouth advertising.
  • You simply do this so you’re always at the top of the customer’s mind.

Now that you know why it’s important to follow up, you have all the more reason to begin consistently doing it!


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