The Choice of Two Positives

Questions and Answers

On the topic of closing, I find this closing technique to be very effective. This is one of the most common closes and one of the most powerful closes out there, the choice of two positives.

The choice of two positives is commonly used because it’s so simple. And it’s powerful because it allows you to keep control of the sales conversation. It also allows your prospect or your customer to get to feel like they’re in control.

What does any buyer want to feel like? They want to feel like they’re the ones making the choices but you, the salesperson, need to make sure that you are guiding the conversation in the necessary ways to get a yes or a no response at the end.

I suggest starting this choice of two positives in a broad sense. Start very broad and then bring it in very narrow to help someone make a choice. It’s a series of questions that have two options, which leads the prospect to a yes or no decision.

Ask specific questions, one after another, to get someone to a point of decision. For example, let’s just say I was trying to set an appointment with you. It would be as simple as this:

“Tell me Mr./Mrs. Customer, does this week or next week sound better to you? Monday or Wednesday? Mornings or afternoons? 8 o’clock or 10 o’clock? My place or yours?

Again we’re starting broad, this week or next week. Then we bring it down all the way to my place or yours. So, I am controlling the conversation, moving it forward, but you get to decide and feel like you’re in control. It’s the power of choice.

It doesn’t matter what the options are. Typically and generally speaking, if you are given two options, (Option A and option B? Choice one or choice two?) you’re going to pick one of the two without even thinking of a third. Most people are going to pick one and once they do, that’s a buying signal.

That’s a buying sign of somebody telling you they’re interested and all you need to know is what questions to ask next in the form of a choice of two positives to keep you moving through your sales presentation.


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