Discover Your Prospect’s Personality Just by Listening to Their Voicemail


Knowing the personality of the people you’re cold calling is a unique but important skill set that you need to know.

You may be thinking, “How can I know the personality of who I’m calling if I’ve never met them before?”

That’s one of my favorite questions to be asked, because I believe that you can figure out someone’s personality over the phone just as easily as you can in person.

In fact, sometimes I really hope that I get someone’s voicemail because it will tell me exactly what kind of personality I’m dealing with.

There are four different types of personalities and four different types of voicemails that we are going to quickly cover. So I’m going to give you an example of a voicemail and then tell you who it is. You’ve all heard these voicemails before.

Detective Personality

A very typical voicemail that I hear that will alert me immediately that I am talking to a detective, analytic type of person sounds like this, “Hi, you’ve reached Amanda. It is Wednesday afternoon. Today I will be unavailable through the hours of 8:00 in the morning till 11:00 in the morning. I will then be checking and returning all voicemails between the hours of 3 P.M. and 5 P.M. Feel free to leave a message or email me.”

That is the most detailed voicemail on the planet. Which also tells you that this individual is changing that voicemail every single day. That is an analytical, detective type personality.

Any time I get a voicemail where I know there’s going to be a lot of details on it like that, and I know it because I listen to it, I know exactly who I’m dealing with, a detective.

Fighter Personality

Now the second type of voicemail you want to be paying attention to is the very short and abrupt ones.

“Hey this is Amanda, I’m out, leave a message.” That’s a fighter, that is a driver personality.

That is someone who is quick, to the point, no messing around, no rapport, tell me why you’re calling, tell me what you want. In and out as quick as possible. So I’ve listened to how short and direct is the voicemail. I’m also listening to the tone of voice. Is it loud? Is it more authoritative? Is it fast paced? Is it slow paced? Is it low and friendly? Is it casual? Is it very professional?

All those types of things give me a lot of indication of what type of prospect am I calling. But when you hear very short and abrupt voicemails, you’ve got to be thinking to yourself, “Fighter, driver type of personality.”

Entertainer Personality

This third type is a more casual, laid back, friendly type of voicemail. They may sound something like this in a British accent, “Hi, you’ve reached Amanda. Hope you’re having a great day. I’m not available, I’m either in a meeting, on a plane, or changing the world. So leave a message here and I’ll call you back.”

And yes, I have actually heard that voicemail before. I’ve actually heard voicemails where the person I’m calling is definitely not British, but the person on their voicemail is British and it’s got this hilarious message.

I know immediately I am dealing with an entertainer type of personality. Someone who loves to have fun. They love working with people.

But it’s going into detail, it’s being funny, it’s sharing something unique about their personality. But any time I listen to something that’s a little bit out of the norm, that’s not so professional, but it’s just really unique, I’m thinking “entertainer”. That doesn’t mean I’m 100% right all of the time, but it gives me some indication.

Counselor Personality

This is usually the hardest one to detect, which is why I’m sharing it last. And this is a counselor type person, an amiable type of individual.

When listening to those voicemails, pay attention to more than their words. Listen to their tone of voice. They tend to be low and slow, right? Very genuine, but very low and slow.

So something may sound like this, “Hi, you have reached Amanda. I’m currently out of the office right now, but if will you leave a message, I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. You can also try to reach me by calling my assistant at . . . or emailing me at. . . Thank you so much and I look forward to talking to you soon.”

It’s very monotone, it’s very calm. But the two things to pay attention to, is

  1. Are they are directing you to reach them in another way?
  2. Are they trying to connect you with another person, or another form of reaching them?

And if that’s the case, and they’re trying to help me through the voicemail, then I know that I am working with an amiable or counselor type of person.

So when you’re cold calling, getting a voicemail doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, because you can learn a lot about what the personality is of your prospect by just listening to their voicemail.


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