Third Party Selling

its about selling

Third-party selling is a big key to successful selling.

It gives you the opportunity to have your clients sell you, for you.

Your customers and prospects, they know you’re biased to your product/service because you’re the one selling the product.

The power of third-party selling is allowing your clients, and the other people you’ve worked for presently or in the past, sell your products, your services for you.

How do we use third-party selling when we’re in our sales conversations? Prospecting on the phone, answering objections, getting referrals, doing the presentation.

What is third-party selling and how do we use it? Now the real power in third-party selling is having what we call signature stories. A signature story is your go-to story that covers an objection or proves a point that you are using all the time.

One of the most common objections you’re going to get is budget. You need to have a signature story from one of your clients where you helped them overcome that budget objection. And then you tell that story. Here’s how it may sound:

“Mr. Prospect, I can totally understand where you’re coming from. Trust me, a lot of our customers said that budget was a concern when we first brought this up. But if you don’t mind me telling you just a very quick story of one of my most recent clients, Nancy, from ABC Insurance.

She actually said the very same thing. When we first met, like we are today, she said there’s no way we have something like this in our budget. It’s never going to work. But what ended up happening is she realized they had a big amount of marketing budget that they hadn’t used in the last six months.

They had stopped a lot of their pay-per-click advertising. They stopped doing billboards. They had that money on reserve. So we ended up taking that marketing budget and we put it towards putting together a sales training event for their team. Because she said, ‘Well, honestly, if I can get my team producing more, that’s better than marketing.’”

It’s not you saying, “Hey I understand how you feel. Let me tell you what I suggest.” It’s saying, “I understand how you feel. Most people feel that way. In fact, let me tell you a story, share with you some details of something our other clients have done that helped them overcome this.”

The power of third-party selling, third-party testimonials gives you the chance to highlight the successes of your clients to help you sell your prospects.

Here’s a homework assignment. You need to find three signature stories that rather prove a point that you’re trying to make in your presentation, that help you overcome objections, or just help you highlight the benefits of your company.

Get to work. Call your clients. Remember who you’ve been selling to and get those signature stories.


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