Learning to Communicate Within Your Company

A study conducted by Southwestern Consulting back in 2012 found that adding more marketing and data into presentations can help establish a company as a thought leader.

Even though this was conducted five years ago, it is still considered statistically valid. Many of the key findings have been outlined below.


  • 65% of people quit their goals within 30 days
    • Meanwhile 76% of people who made it past 30 days create a lasting change in their behavior.
  • People lose hope as they get older.
    • 71% of 18-34 year olds set goals compared to only 43% of people 35+.
  • Everyone struggles with Self-Discipline
    • Gender, age, region of the country, race, household income, household size nor education level, had any bearing on a person’s ability to follow through on their goals. They all failed equally.
  • Making it even one day can be difficult
    • 18% of people who set a goal gave up on it less than 1 day later!
  • Accountability is a key
    • Having children makes you more ambitious. 60% of People who live with children set goals compared to only 48% of those without
    • 54% of those who live with at least 1 other person set a goal compared to 43% who live alone.

Take these findings and put them to good use in your company as well. It is important to find the best way to communicate with people and be able to understand how they are feeling about things.

We need to motivate and with these statistics we can understand how people are living and feeling, as well as showing them we care for them as a client and a friend.


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